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Hi Brogan sorry to ask again.
Your forum software looks great, but I cannot ask the community member to format pictures before upload - and I would like to see this working. Maybe just set it up for me if you do not want to answer my question? Img_203 was correctly resized but also compressed by maybe 90%.

- I have no copy of your software other than the demo forum
- I would have appreciated if the demo forum came with a couple of alternative styles. I don´t like the pale blue of the forum icons as it is hardly visible on my screen.


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So I need a contract before you guys answer questions about what this software can or cannot do?


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There are no options related to compression - it is all internal based on the image processor.

The software ships with a single style but you can create or import as many custom styles as you like.


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So I have been doing a bit of testing in Java today and found the same problem with resizing. Reason was that it is actually a two step process, and both have a compression setting. If I keep the default compression for writing the resized file then the quality is identical to what I got in the demo xenForo. Without write compression the quality is fine.
I don´t suppose the current image processor - if not configurable - could be replaced by a small java program that does a better job?