Completing BBcode tags (?)


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Write something, then try to have a tage without a closing. let's try [Attach_] (without the underscore and the end). Write something after that, you would not see whatever you wrote after that tag. When trying to edit the post, it adds [Attach/_] (without underscore again) automatically at the end, trying to show an attachment. I'm just curious if it's a feature or a bug, since it's hard to show/explain users about BBcode like that.
Anyway to go around that?


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@Moshe1010, if you surround your post with [plain] tags you can put as much [B]bbcode[/B] as you want and it won't get parsed or have the close tag automatically added.

You use them as you would any other BBCode and wrap it around text.


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[attach] write something

Got it, but a user can post empty posts with words in between tags (such as comment #3), which is weird.