XF 1.3 Completely configure READ-ONLY forum

Hello, I'm creating a new forum and I would like to keep my existing forum online for public viewing in a read-only mode so users can lookup any old posts they've made.

To start off, I can just revoke all the permissions for creating and replying to topics however I think the forum will still be executing cron jobs and doing stuff with the database; I don't want this. Whatever is on the forum from the date of closing will be it. I don't need the forum running crons or anything else. Just simply viewing old topics.

So tl;dr, I would like to convert my old forum into a complete read-only mode. How would I go about doing this?


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I don't think it's that often that people want to have a read-only forum. Besides, you only have to change 4-5 settings. It's not time consuming.