RM 1.0 Commision on other users sales ?


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Hey all,

Purchased the resource manager.. am yet to have a good look at it. Now i am more than likely going to be using this to sell my "Premium Designs" & "Plugins" amongst other things..

Now i was considering letting other people sell their items via the resource manager.. Is it possible for me to take a commission per sale of their items ?

Regards, Darren


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Is there any kind of guide on how to sell downloads externally using Paypal or Square. My friend just opened his movie at a local theater and we want to sell digital copies of it. The only problem is how do I limit the downloads and set up the location of the download?? This may be a non-XenForo question but I am hoping to get links for instructions on how to do this. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.