CometChat Versus ArrowChat? Do you know the difference?


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They look the same to me. What's the difference? Seems like one just cloned and copied the other. Anyone using either one? I'm looking for a chat bar option with full integration to Xenforo.


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Arrow chat doesn't have all the extra stuff with it (games, etc.) , I just needed basically functionality. The author of CometChat claims that it doesn't slow down a server, which I find hard to believe, so I went with ArrowChat, it has xF functionality out of the box, as cometchat does too.

From the comet chat thread previously, there was a statement that arrowchat was created by somebody that wanted to fix cometchat problems. Don't know how true that is.


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Anyone have an update on their experience with CometChat or ArrowChat? I'm thinking of using one of these as a paid add-on for people who upgrade their member account. The developer of CometChat says you can make it so ONLY paid members have access to CometChat. Now's that's an incentive to get people to pay--extra site functionality!


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Any further or updated thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a chartroom that can handle around a hundred users at a time. Ideally having the ability to authorize only subscribers to use the chat.


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I had none. Then again, it wasn't like i had more than a few dozen users (maybe 100?) connecting concurrently at any time and using the chat.


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I had cometchat running for about 6 months. I started receiving complaints that the forum suddenly was very slow and that the chatting experience, overall, was awful because messages not being received or they took long to get to the user, sometimes they did not even get to the user at all! At the end, users ended up chatting in msn...

There were too many complaints so I had no choice to remove it. I tested around 20 chat solutions and ended up with a Java solution. That last one works perfectly!

In addition, technical support was non-existent. I had to wait months for a simply answer to a question... never really got a satisfactory answer...

That being said, I have to be fair in my comments: I was running on a shared host with hostgator and my experience dates to last year. Maybe they stepped up and the product and support is worth a second try this time around.

As per arrowchat, I’ve heard it is a better product with better coding skills but I have no experience with it., so i dunno....

Anthony Parsons

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I was using cometchat... worked well, though have switched out to Flashcoms now, which is fully integrated with Xenforo as well.


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Maybe they stepped up and the product and support is worth a second try this time around.
Can anyone using CometChat provide feedback on this comment?

I'm considering using either CometChat or ArrowChat on my new forum, starting off with shared hosting, then upgrading to VPS, then a dedicated server.
( plus: if you know a reputable web hosting company with good servers at affordable prices that can handle the load, send me a private conversation )

The other posts that I've read from searching in this forum are outdated, so I want to know from people that are currently using CometChat or ArrowChat at this moment, with XenForo.

Also, it'll help if you tell me if you used shared, a VPS or dedicated server.

PS. To this date, which one should be better between ArrowChat and CometChat? From the looks of things, CometChat has more features atm, but more bad experiences, on this forum.


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For those of you using CC's servers to host your chat, what plan did you buy/how many members do you typically have. Im debating which one to go with, since who knows how long 100,000 messages would last on a moderate sized forum.


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I just asked about the usergroup settings too, pretty cool (btw they responded to my inquiry within 5 minutes)


Thank you for your interest in CometChat. Yes, simply create a support ticket after purchase and our team will assist you to restrict CometChat to certain user groups.