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XF 1.5 Colors Questions


Active member

since this morning i´m lost again in the apparence admin menu:

-Regarding the 1 and 2 in RED :
Is there a way to increase the space between each block

-Regarding the 2 in red , i can´t find how to add a "colored line"

-Regarding the GREEN line where is that parameter to add some color at this place (surround the nav bar block)


-Number 3:
How to change the font color

-Number 4:
How to change the background color

-Number 5:
How to change the color of this "thin" blue line

-Number 6:
How to change the font color

-Number 7:
How to change This light blue background color :)

-Number 8:
How to change the white background color

-Number 9:
How to add The green color or other..

main page.PNG

Thanks for your time for the support :)


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Now this si something , i didn´t ;)

For the screenshot number 01, what is the properties to change the DATE color?


For the number 02 how to change the member name police color


Number 03 the background color (ressources)


Number 04 the background color too (ressources)


Number 05 the icone background color


I hope to get an answer .

Thank you ;)