XF 1.5 colorize word "today"


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Hello, can you help me?

Where can i sett/update color of word "today" and "yesterday" in datetime in post (posts, widgets, etc...)?
Settings class in translate? But test with html tags <span class> for phrase today_... is notu funciton.
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Mr Lucky

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The problem is those words are hyperlinks, so a normal css colour added to the phrase translation probably won't work. CSS for the span class (.authorEnd) would include all the links, i.e. the author as well as the day and time.


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I solve the assignment that I only need to color the translations of "today" and "yesterday" in the phrases "today_at_x" ... so the idea is "<span class =" red "> today <span> at {x} And I need it in all templates where this phrase is used. So, highlight only the day, not the time.