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I have tried changing the color of my usernames.

  • The font weight/color currently follow the link color settings, but I don't want those colors.
  • I have tried changing the colors of the usergroup "Registered". This doesn't work, however the same method works fine for the admins usernames.
  • I could have sworn there was a setting somewhere in style properties.
  • The colors change with .username in extra.less, however this also changes the color for .username for the rest of the forum.
  • I have tried this on a default style with all add-ons disabled.
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AdminCP >> Groups & permissions >> User groups

Edit user group you want to change

Under "User title override" check "Use the following user title". Then add HTMLl around the title like <b>Member</b>, or you can add CSS to customize the user names in that group in the "User name CSS" box.


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@djbaxter Thanks for the help, however, it didn't do exactly what I was needing. I was trying to change the style of all "Registered" users. With your method, it didn't work under "Registered", but if I did every individual group, it worked.

I did, however, find the embarrassing solution, if anyone searches for this problem in the future.

ACP -> Groups & Permissions -> User Group, then find "Display styling priority"

Mine was set to "0". No matter what I changed, the username wouldn't do anything because the 0 didn't care what I changed. Bumped it up and it worked.

I can now change all my username styling options under "User name CSS"