XF 2.1 Color of custom user fields

I'm trying to change the font-color of the custom user field TITLES. I have changed the color of the variables, but I need to change the field title.

So, if my field appears in a thread as OFFICE #: 540-555-1234, I need to change the styling of "OFFICE #". I'm able to change the color of "540-555-1234" via .message-userExtras I have tried so many different classes in extra.less and can't the field titles to change.

I am editing this due to my original problem changing.

The custom user fields LABEL is controlled by "Muted text color" in ACP.

How can I change the color of the custom user fields separate from all other muted text? If I simply use the muted text color editor, the text becomes too light elsewhere in my forums.
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Add the following to message.less underneath .message-userExtras. (message-userExtras controls your custom user fields)
Change color to your preference.

.message-user .pairs--justified        {
        > dt{
            color: yellow;