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Collapsible Stickies


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This is either stupid or brilliant. I haven't thought about it long enough :) I did give it one search but came up empty.

My forum has over 11 years of forum content. Some forums have a LOT of stickies. I review and unstick over time, but there's so much good stuff, the sticky lists are getting pretty long.

Solution? Collapsible stickies! Usergroup controlled so I can offer it as a Supporter perk...

Stickies are great for new users but annoying for regulars. Making them collapsible ensures that everyone has to at least see the list of stickies once...

Is this an original thought? Does this excite anyone? :rolleyes:

Probably an add-on request... but starting here.
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I suspect this is probably possible using a custom user field (global) or fields (multiple).

It wouldn't be as elegant or as immediate as a toggle on each node, but it would do the job.


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I solved the same problem (many years of content and stickies) by creating a sticky whose content was an 'index of stickies' linking to all the previous stickies (now unstuck)

I like the idea of collapsible stickies section, which remembers user setting and expanded is default


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creating a sticky whose content was an 'index of stickies' linking to all the previous stickies
Seen some moderators doing it. But the whole point of sticky is getting highlighted, isn't it ? I think a moderator for those categories would serve much better than a plugin. But that is just my opinion.


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This has always been an issue i have also been trying to solve for a cpl years now.. And then it hit me.. I can use Widget Framework (WF) to place hyperlinks to all sticky material in that forums sidebar.