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Lack of interest Collapse multiple identical soft deletions?

Andy Huang

Well-known member
I ran into either an over zealous case of multi-posting of same message, or reverse proxy acting up. In all cases, I got 4 messages with the same content. I proceeded to deleting them, and I end up with something like this:

I think it will be nice if we can "collapse" multiple deletions with the same deletion reason, by the same administration/moderation team member. This can be particularly useful in getting rid of large amount of duplicate deletion messages, spam, or flame wars. Here is what I vision it could look like:

There should also be some hover over control that would appear which would allow those with permission to expand the messages, and show them should they choose to do so.

I trust that some people will hate this idea (much like my mini-me recommendation which is now in use), and this may take some time to get used to. But overall, I think this will make the interface cleaner, and make a slightly better user experience.