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Xon submitted a new resource:

Collaborative Resources - Enables ad-hoc created groups to share OP-rights to a resource

Enables ad-hoc created groups to share resource creator rights to a resource.
  • Admin defined list of what permissions can be shared from the resource creator (some permissions require "masking" where the collaborator has them taken away if they are not in the right group)
  • End-user create groups with different permission sets.
  • Edit resource updates
  • Manage tags in resource
  • Implements edit history for resource updates & description
  • Support for mostly arbitrary permission...

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Xon updated Collaborative Resources with a new update entry:

1.1.0 - Feature update & XF2.1 comaptibility

  • XF2.1 support
  • Fix removing a collaborative group with user in it throws exception
  • Permission fixes;
    • Viewing/uploading resource images
    • Collaborators rating a resource they collaborate on
    • Improve XFA permission extending
  • Send alerts when a user is added as a collaborator to a thread
  • Send alerts when a user changes ad-hoc groups in a thread (ie del+add op)

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Is there a history function for the resource itself also, please?
Yes, it looks like from the pictures.
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I am having an issue with the resource. When I am trying to delete a group, I get this:


Also, the header for group permission just says sv_ct_edit_collaboration_group, which is weird.


I wonder if you could check these issue out? I am using the latest Xenforo, Resource Manager and PHP 7.3
While the core of this feature (allow other users to edit resources), this resource has additional features around permissions control over the proposed XFRM 2.2 changes as detailed in
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