Coder Mythotical => Scam

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Silly question, did you send the addon to any of the XF staff so they could verify that it truly works as described?
I provided it to them myself, same thing I sent Betclever.

I wonder if I still have all those emails, PMs, and PayPal transaction receipts from 2012? Hhhhhmm....... 🤔

Speaking of 2012, by a strange coincidence that is when I vowed to never be involved with a public project again nor with any project that allowed people to make "donations" directly to a freelancer instead of the to the project in general.
Relevance here? This is completely different than what you are talking about and that was 2012, I don't do any project donations anymore either.
Ozzy, I can send you the package, after that, if you have some times, I can provide access to my website so you will directly see the scam...
ChrisD asked me to send proves, I will do this this Sunday, the date I return at home from holidays because I'm working on my laptop and not on my primary computer.

I don't use Filezilla on this computer but once again, once I return at home, I will make captures of my scripts and "his" scripts.

No, I don’t want it, nor want to verify it’s condition. But I would think the XF team would.
I am more concerned initially with the accusations of plagiarism as that, I feel, is significantly more serious than some of the other accusations. I've asked for evidence of that and I am told it will be provided towards the end of this week.
I can quote some persons I worked with and if they have the time, they will confirm I always paid them and never asked any refund!

@BassMan He designed my forum, made some custom plugins for me.
@JohnLogar He designed a few pages on my website (not the forum).
@XenConcept He mades some custom plugins for me.
@MatthewUK I don't remember the exact nickname on XF because I always post on the personal website which is MatthewUK services or something like this but he is managing my servers (updates, security,...)
@S Thomas He is the new coder I hired for making the plugin (from scratch).

I just want justice on this case, I lost 340$ because of this scammer, I hope he will be banned once I will send the proves this Sunday, the date I return at home.
<Image removed due to containing private information>

PayPal has decided and proof provided.
While that may be the case, just because PayPal has ruled in your favour, does not resolve the outstanding concerns that Betclever has about how you have conducted yourself during this project.

You both kindly shared evidence with me, including Skype conversations etc. Even putting aside the fact that Betclever has concerns about the amount, quality and authenticity of the work that was produced, let's not forget that you ended up in this situation because a period of 3 months passed from the initial discussions about the work to now. You did estimate 3 months to do the work, but progress appears to have been slower than you anticipated with many incidents, delays, and excuses along the way.

While I appreciate you seem to have had a somewhat tumultuous time recently, and while you may have faced situations which could not be helped, at the end of the day you committed yourself to do a job, and took part payment for that job. It could be argued that perhaps you could have foreseen that your ability to complete the work in a timely manner would be hampered, or perhaps you should have backed out sooner when you realised you may not have been able to dedicate as much time to the project as you hoped for.

This may or may not be over, pending us receiving some evidence of some accusations related to the produced work.

What I would urge you to do from here is to attempt (even if you've already tried) to build bridges between yourself and @Betclever. In an ideal world you should both try to come to an amicable agreement over whether the amount charged for the work was appropriate for the work that was produced. You should show some good faith and put some time aside to respond, in private, to the accusations and attempt to put things right where you can.

However, I don't believe that a continued ongoing discussion is beneficial to anyone involved nor will it serve any particular purpose. Therefore we'll be closing this thread and I hope to hear some positive news from you both in the future about steps being taken to rectify the issues. Should that not be possible, I'll provide an update here once we've investigated anything that we need to investigate.
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