XF 1.5 Code for Profile post


I'm looking to exchange usertitles with most recent usertitles by user, so on the staff online, I'd like most recent profile post (by themself)

I thought this was the code:
<blockquote class="status">{xen:helper bodytext, $user.status}</blockquote>

But it doesn't seem to be working, any clues?

Okay anyway I can get around this?
Also I'm looking to implement a URL but with the users username in it, I would of thought I could do forumname.net/user/$user or something. - Whats the best method to pull in a users name?


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If the value isn't available, it'd require code changes to make it available.

If $user has the data, {$user.username} will have the name, though this won't be a format that's safe for use in a URL (it needs to be encoded). I don't think the urlencode() function is directly exposed in templates (surprisingly) so making it safe isn't entirely trivial.