XF 1.5 Code [/B] is placed sometimes in thread during reply


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It sounds like either badly nested BB codes or BB code nesting beyond the allowed limit.

If you have specific steps to trigger the issue, that might help.
Actually this is happened randomly. And few of our clients complaint about this issue. So the steps may not be identified.
Did you find such issue before to any other users? and so if there any specific reason for causing it. This can help me to debug it.


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Look whether:

The tags are all opened/closed in pairs
There aren't hundreds of tags nested together

Those are the two things Mike mentioned above.


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Hide as in remove the ability to use it? Or hide as in display the BBCode and not the formatting? You can toggle the display of the formatting on/off.


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Users can individually disable the rich text editor by unchecking "Use the rich text editor to create and edit messages" in their browsing preferences. There isn't a way to disable it globally though. Besides, doing so is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. If you are getting a lot of [/B] tags being added in replies, there's another issue at play here, either a user issue or, more likely, an add-on that's causing the problems (try to disable any add-ons that might have any effect on or relate to posting messages to see if the issue disappears).