Cloudflare Turnstile vs hCaptcha


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I switched to hCaptcha a few weeks ago and it was working well. With the latest XF update I am now on Cloudflare Turnstile. I'm seeing an uptick of spammers getting on the forum now. Anyone else seeing any changes for better or worse with Cloudflare Turnstile? I'm considering going back to hCaptcha soon.
Switched to Turnstile yesterday. Previously with recaptcha v2. I normally getting spam everyday. Now already 24 hours, no spam coming in yet so far. I think Turnstile is awesome and way more better than reCaptcha. hCaptcha most secure anyway IF you're with Enterprise plan since recently spammers has already know how to penetrate Turnstile. But very few spam players offering the service at the moment. Soon you would probably need hCaptcha back again.
I haven't noticed a difference in spam on either of my xenforo forums, which have both switched to Turnstile. It's still close to zero per week getting through. I use all of the database checks that are supported by Xenforo
Switched to Turnstile on 3 forums and have zero problems with spam for now. I used to get spam on one forum mostly from a contact form (daily). Now with Turnstile, it's great.
I use all of the database checks that are supported by Xenforo
This. I have not had many spammers in recent years but I also have StopForumSpam cranked up to 11. Only the most innocent looking registrations get through without approval. I still use hCaptcha but have been debating switching. Need to setup Turnstile and test it in my dev first, I think, so I understand how it works.
Another vote for Turnstile. It's really good, really effective and ticks all the boxes on something I want from a captcha system.
  • Free
  • Works extremely well in my experience
  • Doesn't force users to waste their time on manually solving the captcha when it's not necessary (most solves are automatic)
  • Privacy focused (no need for cookies or other tracking mechanisms)
  • Supports Private Access Tokens
  • Has analytics to see things like solved vs unsolved, interactive vs non-interactive solves, supports tags so you can see where the captchas are being shown, etc.
At this point, I see zero reason for any of the other captcha options out there. But that's just me... :)

That's the one place where I still get a fair bit of spam, the Contact Us form. If Turnstile can help with that, it is probably worth the effort.
I recommend it. Since I enabled it, not a single spam through the contact form. Impressed.

For spam bots, I would still recommend this add-on from @Ozzy47:

I have it on one forum and there I don't use any CAPTCHA, not even Turnstile. Just this add-on and it's working excellently. There's also an add-on similar to this for the contact form, but I'm not using it.
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