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Shelley submitted a new resource:

Close Icon (version v1) - This is the close icon in PSD format so you can directly make changes (colour)

Summary: This is the psd for the close icon that appears on the top right hand side of the membercard and other overlays such as polls. The psd just allows for users to make direct colour changes rather than try doing colour changes to the xf png file which is tedious and has adverse affects
format: PSD
Install: After making your colour alteration save as png and upload you modified close icon uploading it to your /overlays folder.

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Here's some alternative close icons that have a bit more styling on them in a range of colours (inner-shadow, stroke, slight shine and a gradient) so they're less flat. Just revert to the release thread for install instructions but you'll have to rename the files to "close" and save in .png format uploading the image to your /overlays folder

Edit: Attached the psd file below for anyone that wants to modify this themselves.



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