XF 1.2 Cleanly remove a user via SQL?


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I have a user I created today for testing and want to delete it but nothing happens. I can't edit anything or delete it. The little progress thing in the top right pops up for a second and disappears.

No problem editing other users, so I have no idea what's happening here and just want to kill it off.

What SQL can I use to kill all trace of it? The user does not have any content etc as I've only been using it to test group permissions.


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Not sure but it really seems like you might have some upload and install problems (considering your earlier css issues). I've not encountered this so don't really know how to help you troubleshoot. If you can delete user A you should be able to delete user B unless B is admin protected. if the user you are trying to delete is an admin, drop them from admin and try again.


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I ended up deleting the user from these tables:


I hope that's all I need to do.

They weren't an admin so no idea what what was happening, first time I've seen that.

Tracy Perry

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Hopefully you took a DB backup. It is NOT recommended to delete users directly from the DB as there are many other tables that inter-relate with them. You should have submitted a ticket and had the Dev's check out the issue because that is NOT normal and you probably have something else going on.


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Yes, I have a backup.. and Melbo this is a different forum to that other one I posted about.

There shouldn't be much interrelating going on as it was a fresh user.