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cleanForo - Focus on content.

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Clean, fixed and light style for XenForo.

This is a simple style based on default XenForo style. No core templates has been changed for customizations. All edits are made in style properties and with some codes in cleanforo_EXTRA.css template.

With this style you won't have headaches when upgrading XenForo, because as already stated, no core tempaltes are changed (except the one for branding and for adding the cleanforo_EXTRA.css, so nothing much)....
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BassMan updated cleanForo with a new update entry:


What's new in version 1.1.0:
  • fixed width changed to 1080px
  • public controls buttons enhancement on profile page
  • MultiQuote/Select-to-Quote customized
  • user banner width changed
  • second row of navigation changed
  • quicksearch moved to left to better suit sidebar
  • thread and forum title are centered when view thread or forum
  • username under avatar on thread view is centered, but not on mobile view
  • new indicator in post is customized
  • alert...
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