Clean up likes on deleting users


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It's becoming quite common on certain forums, for duplicate user accounts to be created just to "xf-like" data

-- It's fairly easy to detect (that's not the issue), but getting rid of the likes seems a bit harder (just using core methods)

I'm not really sure this is a bug or intended, but when you delete a user, their likes aren't deleted.

I think I've run all the crons and cache rebuilds

Should a users likes be deleted when the user is deleted?

(Also, should a users likes be temporary-deleted when the user is banned .. consider accounts that are permanently banned to stop the user re-registering using the same account details?)

(Also 2, you are left with a like under the content, on clicking the user.. you are presentedwith a warning that the user no longer exists... it's a bit ugly, it would be better if it just wasn't present, since we're deleting the user.. do we care what they have liked )

Adam Howard

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I think this needs to be an option.

People do come and go for various reasons. And so if someone is deleted for either lack of activity or they delete their own account, those likes shouldn't be taken away simply because they left. You don't want to seem as though you're "punishing" the members who remain, simply because someone else goes.

On the other hand, when someone is clearly abusing the system for personal gain, sure, you may want to remove them and all those extra likes they made.