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Some people like XF for all that nice games of sliders, popups and all this.
Some people only need a board with some functions.

So maybe you want to offer a clean style without any unneccessary stuff for those people?

For people who just want to change some colours XF is wonderful, for people who are really professionals (with clients that pay enough) it doesnt matter, but for all that people with some knowledge and the wish to have an own board is XF a nightmare, because of all this CSS.


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This suggestion is too broad - you need to be more specific.

You are able to customise the style to suit, disabling overlays, etc.


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For shure i am able to do it. It will cost me all together a whole week to make a xf looking like vb3, what i am just doing, and i really mean this as i say. :)

I mean to give people a css without anything that is possible today. Forget blinking, forget sliders, pop-ups, pictures as background stepping from one colour to another (sry, dont find the right word).

Give them a beginner board like made with good old html, with less css.

Take some normal people, let them sit in front of a monitor, tell them to login with test/test and let them there alone to fetch a coffee.
You will not believe how many dont find that login on the right top to show the slider.

And i dont talk about stupid people, i talk about people without a normal internet use. For us sitting in front of a monitor since a lot of years, it is hard to believe, but just try it.

I made this test, and it makes me so afraid that i try everything to make it easy for all new and old users coming from my vb-boards to let them in, bring me all the information as threads and posts to have a big successful board.

If i would try to be a good one or a rich one or both, i would do everything to make the users of my clients happy, because then my clients, the owners of boards, will love me and pay me.

Simple story.

I dont want to offense you, my english is just as it is, i just write you down, what i was thinking the last five? days while i play around with XF, while every minute the idea bites me just to use vb3 to finish my work in two month instead of four. But i dont give up, it is like a sportevent now to do it successfully with your board. :)