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Looking for a Classified addon for Xenforo.
I have a list of requirements and wireframes that I can share.
This is more than just a simple "forms" add-on. This will have some logic to make the experience better for the user.
Please contact me if you are an experienced developer that can tackle such a job. Thanks.


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I'm looking the same while ago.
I don't know why still doesn't exist a some addon focused only in classifieds.
It could be a bestseller.


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i also need something like this

i posted a job offer a while ago here offering to pay $2000

no one replied :(


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I agree, a "Classifieds Addon" would be a bestseller.

The best would be if Kier + Mike would release an offical XF-Addon for this.
Should be not a big deal for them to turn the RM into a Classifieds-system.