XF 1.4 Clarification about "Receive site mailing list"


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in the privacy settings, there is a point for the users to check whether they want to "Receive site mailing list".

I would like to know what exactly is included in this option. There are emails sent if a users follows specific threads as soon as another user posts something to it. There are also emails for other kind of alerts like conversations, moderator actions etc. pp. and of course mass mailing by the admin through the ACP.

I need to know which kind of emails are included in this option, if the users checks or unchecks this. The reason is that I want some one else write an addon-on for this, which I use then only for an external newsletter (phplist). This newsletter has to be synchromised with the user db of xenforo, so the user has to check there whether he wants to have that newsletter or not.

Now I am unsure whether I can do this with the already offered option of "Receive site mailing list" or whether I need a seperate field with an additional checkbox for this. I do not wnat to turn off by accident all the alerts for other things at xenforo, if the user unchecks that box...

Thanks in advance