XF 1.5 Check "Receive site mailings" for all members


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It's years since I last sent out a mass email, and during that time we've upgraded from vbulletin to xenforo. I'm not confident that all email notification settings will be correct for all members.

It's important for all members to receive this one email, which includes instructions on how to ensure no further ones are received (which I'm happy to abide by).

However, I figure I'll need to run a query on the database in phpmyadmin, to ensure the option "Receive site mailings" is currently checked for all members to receive this one notice.

I'd therefore be grateful for any advise on what that query should be. :)


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There's no need to run a database query to change everyone's options for this. You can already override this when sending out an email to users. Simply untick "Only send to users opting to receive emails from the admin" and everyone will then receive it.