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I just wanted to share how happy I am after achieving to put my forum online with the help of this community.
The forum looks great and now I think it's the best looking forum out there! ;-) (although I haven't used any special template, but a few add-ons).

You have made a great software that looks better and it's a pleasure to enjoy from the side of the forum user.

However, I'd like a better help. I think a good guide, from the very begginning to the end is really needed. I mean: a guide from the installation from your cpanel of your hoster to the forum working, and explaining all key features: registration, user options, layout options, media gallery...

Looks to me that this software is for people with some knowledge about coding and experience in this kind of stuff. To me (a photographer with good skills on computers but without knowledge on coding) it was not as easy as I would like. I appreciate the effort of putting a control panel with many options and controls, but without a throrough step-by-step guide it can be a bit overhelming. Simply too many things here and there.

I think what will be best is that you make a series of videos and upload them to your youtube channel so we can watch the entire process or any particular process in detail.

Anyway, thanks for such great software.

Special thanks to @AndyB and @Brogan .