Claim resource option by original author


This would allow you to add resources that link to the original authors work via the external download and have a "claim" button for the original author to claim the resource as their own so they can maintain the page.

When they click on the button it would give them a message that says something like, "Are you the original author of this content? Click here to confirm your claim request."

When they click on the claim button it would notify the one that started the resource and allow you to contact them for further verification to prove it's their resource with options to approve or deny the claim request.

It would be up to the person who first created the resource to determine how they want to accept proof.

This is not meant for just anyone to submit other peoples things, it's mainly meant for the owner of the forum/resource manager to add more content, but still give the original authors an easy way to claim the resource if they are the original authors.
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I would like this too. Similar to claiming a business in Yelp. Admins (only, in this case) create resources based on an industry, owners can take the resource management over via a process. If the process involves having a paid user upgrade then we'd need the ability to show a notice in this area or somehow explain they need to be a "premium" member to manage a resource. Perhaps they could apply first and upgrade after to manage so they don't feel like they are paying and could be denied. This would be great if seamless, and they can be taken to the upgrade page after approval. But notices or custom auto-PMs could work as well. The main feature here simply being to claim.
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