Chromebooks - Do You Have One?


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For practically the same price I'd rather have something that comes with an OS that runs all my applications. That's just me...
Its really only useful if you need only a browser and webapps.

16 gb harddrive? I don't think so.
Almost everything is stored off of the system, so a large hard drive is unnecessary.

Do any of you have a Chromebook? If so, is it decent?!
I have 2x Cr-48, and I'll probably buy another Chromebook when a commercial one is released that I find interesting.

I mostly use it when I only need to do light webapp based work (Google Docs, TeamBox etc) and it is really good for what it is.

Like most gadgets, it has its uses, but past that its not as useful as other alternatives.


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I feel tablets are better than Chromebooks.
Tablets and Chromebooks/Netbooks have a completely different use.

A tablet isn't really useful when you're looking at doing productive (typing up a large document) whereas a Netbook or Chromebook would be a much better choice (Asus Transformer is an exception due to keyboard dock).

A Chromebook's main use is for web based work. If you're using Google Docs (or Aviary which is an alternative to Photoshop) a Chromebook makes sense as they are made specifically to use webapps or widgets.

If you're going to need an actual program (Microsoft Office) you'd use a Netbook.

If you need something that requires more processing power, and more RAM you'd use a laptop.

They all have their uses but each tool fits their specific task differently, even if there is a bit of overlap (You can use a Laptop for all of that, but you'd have lower battery life and they're larger).


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To expensive for what they do.. I couldn't ever see myself having a use for one of these personally.. I keep a tablet in my car, a smart phone in my pocket, and a 17 inch notebook (desktop replacement) in my living room.. I think im all set. :p