Lack of interest Chrome Tab to Search on address bar feature

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This would be neat, but it doesn't look like it will work with XenForo very well:
For 1 and 2 Chromium only adds sites that the user navigated to without a path. For example, but not
If you use full-friendly URLs, you get a path regardless, and anyone with searching under the root directory (ie this community), it seems like Chromium will ignore it.


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Yes, it seems like using it will result in while xf default search will lead to


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I mean, I guess XenForo could provide (or someone could write) an add-on that adds a searching script where it just takes the input from Chrome and redirects the users to the proper search, which in turn does the search. But that is slightly hackish.

I think Chrome needs to lighten the restrictions here slightly before its viable for a widespread implementation in the default software. Such a redirect hack shouldn't be necessary.