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Chrome Supports Notifications Now


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Interesting. Place your bets on who will make the add on first. @digitalpoint has my bet.
Already done more than a month ago. :)


It's not terribly useful right now because Chrome 42 doesn't support custom data for the notification (so you can't pass things like title or URL).

One of the Google guys said it should (in theory) be coming with Chrome 43... THEN it will be useful. :)



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Looking into the developer documentation for push notifications on android and desktop (chrome) and seeing the examples springing up in the wild, I wonder how long it will be until someone releases an alternative solution?
I love digitalpoint add ons, but this is just out of my price bracket.


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Android chrome just updated with sites notifications support.
It's really not going to be that good until Chrome 44, when the data attribute support makes it's way into Chrome.


We are holding off until that until we allow our users to use it. Without the data attribute, you can't do things like tell the user what the notification is *for*, or send them to a specific URL when they click it. Basically right now all you can do is be like, "Yo... you got a notification. Sorry, can't tell you what it's about or the URL it's related to." lol Kinda silly right now. :)