Fixed Chrome: Justify Text Stretches internal spans to fit the page

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For some reason, Google Chrome seems to like stretching out parts of a paragraph before a line break to fill a line if a user is using the [justify] BBCode.

Example post:

Screenshot of it in action (as I resize my screen I can get a variety of other weird stretching errors in chrome from the other internal spans used for the coloured speech):
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 20.47.57.png

Edit to add: This does not appear to be theme dependant. Depending on your browser window size/display resolution, this seems to be reproducible across themes. (Our default theme just seems to make it a little more likely to appear because it's a more narrow text area)


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This is actually a Chrome (87) bug, though we have removed the code that triggers it in 2.2.2 as it shouldn't be necessary anyway.

This was brought up in another bug report, though the report itself is not about this issue. See: