Choose Usergroup on Register page

Hi there,

before purchasing Xenforo I need to know if its possible to add a field to registration page so that a user has to choose between for example 3 diffrent user groups. Couldn´t find something about in the demo-version, but maybe I was blind.
Well, there should be 3 different groups of users with different permissions/needs: Normal Users (clients) and 2 different kinds of service providers.

Thats a pity, that its not possible. Then xenforo is no solution for us :(

Tracy Perry

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Yep, as Brogan stated, using either multiple custom fields (or one custom field with selectable option) and then tie the user group promotions to run to move those users into the appropriate group if the custom field(s) are selected works great. I did this on my motorcycle site to grant access to persons that were HOG members, Blue Knights, Red Nights and some other group members (motorcycle riding groups).