Chinese search only with Enhanced search?

Hi I want to confirm:
  1. Is chinese search is ONLY possible with enhanced search add-on?
  2. If my initial post volume is LOW, can I still install enhanced search on shared hosting?
Thank you. I would deeply appreciate any feedback on how to enable chinese search on xenforo.


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Chinese search is enabled by default.

You can search for chinese characters also with the build in xenforo search. XenForo uses the advanced UTF system so it can handle any characters.

Yes, you can use the enhanced search also on shared hosting. Then you have access to more advanced features like display results based on relevance like google does it. You would need your host to install elasticsearch and configure it for you. Please check with your host regarding that.
Thank you for the help!

I have a license, it is setup on a testing server, may I know how I can lower the character limit of 4 letters to 3 letters for search? Thanks :)
Thanks Marcus, I contacted my host and they said shared hosting can't make the changes for minimum characters.

May I know if by installing the Enhanced search, the number of characters I am able to search will be automatically reduced, or will it still be subject to the server's ini configuration (might sound stupid, but please bear with me, I'm new to this).


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It can be reduced, but it's most likely not going to be possible to have the underlying software installed on your shared hosting package.