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Chinese language translation-non net style


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I start the translation. Some phrases are can only understand by net users, these are so call net languate(網語), eg. pm translated to "whisper"(俏俏話), not easy to understand in natural language contest.

Moderator, administrator is another power proning language. I will rephrase to "editor" and "chief editor"(編輯;總編輯).

Some diffiulties, eg. Admin sometimes is verb, somtimes is noun.

I planned to translate one page per day, total 35 pages. Hope to finish in two months.

Attached file is translation of page 1, for debug only.

The translation restarted. Reworks some phrase. This is a work-in-progress. This version translate up to permissionDefinitions.
15-March-2011: updated most end user phrases. (Updated to -a, some new trans and fiexed lang export missing phrases).
17-March-2011: updated sig up form, log in form, text editor and a lot.



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The Beta 5 can exports untranslated phrases, it make the job easier. Sadly, I am busy these days, i can only translate a few phrases each day.


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Traditional chinese translation work in progress update. Some phrase re-worked.
Note: In this translation, no " 版主", no "管理員”. Instead, using ”編輯”,”總編輯".
Anyone help in debug and translation are welcome.


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Updated end user phrases. I use search for phrases display in user page to focus on user pages. Some phrases I can't search for, so no translation yet.

For mis-translation, or missed translation(users page), pls. post.


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Since this traditional chinese translation may not follow terms use by most chinese forum. Sometimes I forget what I translated before. So, I maintain a dictionary.
Modorator: 編輯
Administrator: 總編輯
Edit: 修改
Admin: 行政, depends on context. eg. Admin cp: 行政控制台
Message: 訊息;文章 (context dependent)
Conversasion: 傾談
Moderator Tool: 監控工具
Reply, Replies: 回應
Post(s), 文章
Thread(s): 主題
Title: 題目
Like(s): 喜歡
Online: 線上/在線
Staff Online: 當值的職員
User(s): 用戶
Account: 帳號
User Name: 用戶名稱 / 作者 (context dependent)
User title: 頭銜
Avatar: 頭像
Facebook: 臉書
Integration: 整合
Report: 舉報
Trophy(ies): 奬章
Achievements: 成就
Likes received: 喜歡指數
Appearance: 外觀
Template(s): 範本
Navigation: 導航列
Ban: 禁制
Banned: 被禁制
View/Viewing: 閱讀/正在閱讀
outdated: 過時的
log in: 登入
log(s): 日誌
caches: 綬存
Home: 首頁
User Profile: 用戶/自我 簡介
Inbox: 收件箱
Last message: 近期文章


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Moderator: 我覺得用facilitator比較貼切,因為這個職位要帶動討論氣氛.可惜找不到中文的對應詞彙.



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Moderator: 調適器
Administrator: 系統管理員




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Dear Weiyan,

do you know if the language-packs for Simplified and Traditional Chinese are available for XF version 1.0.4 ?
Appreciate your kind help!

Thanks again!