Chessboard for xenforo (Available or not )

Mohamed Nayeem

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It is certainly possible as I had chess integrated into XF a while ago along with playback bbcodes for past games. Again, lack of interest made me unmotivated to continue with this among other things but assuming you have a license and a budget you could get this made.


Yeah I was thinking the same way of creating it.. but honestly I would rather just add in an actual playable form of some sort so you can actually play someone in real time.. although a Play by Post using BBCodes would also be interesting..


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Exactly, the game was in real time, but you could copy/paste the game ID into a post and end up with the options to view the game move by move by clicking forward or back, or click play and watch the game unfold at a speed of your choosing.

BBcode was literally just for viewing the previously played games, chess itself was at a static page and though I wanted to be able to open a running game at any time from an overlay, I stopped before I got that far.