Checkbox/radio button doesn't appear in xen:radiounit in ACP?


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I have the following code:
<xen:radiounit label="Enable option" name="enableOption">
    <xen:eek:ption name="option1" label="Turn on">
        <xen:spinbox name="maximumtodisplay" value="5" />
        <xen:checkbox label="checkbox" name="checkboxame" />

    <xen:eek:ption name="option2">Turn off</xen:eek:ption>
I've tried xen:textbox, xen:select, xen:combobox, xen:upload, and xen:spinbox and they all appear correctly in the above example except for xen:checkbox and xen:radio. Is there a reason why the last two I mentioned don't show up at all? I'm trying to add a checkbox that would be enabled along with the other form elements when the first radio button is selected.

Another thing I'm trying to do but doesn't seem possible is to use xen:checkboxunit to try have have a checkbox that when checked it, there would be a sub-set of options to select/fill that will be enabled. It looks like XenForo doesn't let you do this as you receive the error: Found unexpected tag 'checkboxunit' as a disabled control. I guess this isn't possible to do either?

Using XF 1.1.0 Beta 3.


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No push in any direction on this? :unsure: I've tried looking through the code and trying to work things out but I can't get my head around this one.