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Time for a high level "mi mi mi" suggestion from me. ;)

Suggestion: please find a smarter way for this:
I think about a clear simple red lighting blinking (I'm joking) error message at the top of the Check Tables site at ACP instead of this uncool error screen and error message.

Nothing what we need to life, but I will find it smarter than the actual way. :)
I didn't notice that a patch 1 was released. Sorry, the update will come tomorrow.

But yes, it should have been clear :) until now it is the rule with the patch 1.

Thank you for your reminder.
Itching to play with this over the festive season... Any joy with the 2.2.8 Patch 1 update please @0815 ??

Many thanks!
Am I the only one who get this error

You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.

after selecting Check Tables from the left menu of the admin?

BTW I'm a super administrator not a regular one.
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Important Info:
There is a flag for the "config.php" with which you can activate the renaming of a table/column. As with the XF superAdmin flag, the admin user IDs that are to have access to the add-on must be entered here.
$config['X0815']['ChkTables']['renameData'] = ADMIN_USER_IDs;
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