Style Check out this style and tell me you don't like it


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This is another forum software (FREE) called Codologic. Considering this software is very new and probably lacks A LOT I am not considering switching to this by any means. However, I cannot get over the layout.

Almost every single theme for Xenforo is the same. Luckily, the theme we have through @Mike Creuzer has made us very happy. However, while browsing forum software on Google I came across this:

And I love the layout... or at least I think I do. Basically, if I could have the nodes on the left and have the center piece be the latest threads... I don't know exactly. There is something about this layout I can't get over.

What do you think @Jaxel ?

EDIT: If this violates any rules for essentially wanting to steal how XF is layed out in comparison to another forum software, please close this. However, since there are styles based on vBulletin I am presuming this is OKAY.


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I hate it. Its very NOT web 2.0/3.0 in that its very cramped and overflowing with too much information.

People are stupid and have short attention spans. Because there isn't enough separation between each of the articles, the after user would see it and think "nope, this is too much".