Check existing accounts against blacklists (stopforumspam, etc)


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Spammers tend to register with clean (not blacklisted) email and IP and then after the same credentials are used for registrations on a mass of websites, only then they start their spamming campaigns.

To counter this it would be useful to rescan existing accounts against the spammers blacklists.


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Would be great if /admin.php?options/list/spam#_maxContentSpamMessages also checked against the blacklists for each post.

If not core, a great add-on idea.
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Right now XenForo does have to types of spam checkers:

User Checkers
  • StopForumSpam
  • Torenevall
  • Banned Users
  • Rejected Users
  • Project Honeypot
which are checked when a user registers

Content Checkers
  • Akismet
  • Spam Phrases
which are checked when content is created and that content is eligible for a spam check

Quite often spam acoounts that do pass registration (as they are not on any blacklist at that time) are not immediately used for spamming but only actively being used at a later time at which the chance for having already been blacklisted might be significantly higher than at registration time.

It would therefore be useful if XenForo would also fire the user checkers again when checking content for spam.