XF 2.1 Import from vB = Existing accounts cant login (520 or white screen)


We have set up an XF 2.1 test environment and run an import of our db from our vBulletin install. This XF install is password protected so only our staff can get in. My account is set in config.php as a Super Admin and I can get into the XF test site fine. The rest of my staff cannot. Once they get past the site credentials, they can look around as a guest, but if they try to log into their account they usually get a 520 or other error, or sometimes a white screen an no error. I tried their accounts and get the same issue.

I checked usergroups, which required 2-step verification by default in XF and turned that off for all usergroups. There was no such 2-step with our vB, and I was afraid the error was starting from that. Not the case. Doing this did nothing to stop the errors.

I set some dummy accounts for various usergroups so the staff could try those out. Staff can log into the XF site with those credentials fine, just not their own accounts as imported from the vBulletin. I compared a staff member's account settings to that of an equivalent usergroup acct dummy I created in XF and see no differences, nothing that would cause an error.

So, regardless of browser or user IP, the existing counts error and the dummy accounts I created work fine. The only exception is MY account which is working fine.

Any advice as to where to look or things to adjust to address this?


I'll admit, I'm likely over my head, but I don't mind asking basic questions and learning. I've checked that code, and would be game for running it to see the effect, but I'm not sure where or how to run that code. I've not learned where within XF I could add that, though I'm guessing it's PHP code that ought be run against the XF database of users, correct?

Also, I'll point out that from within XF AdminCP I have been able to overwrite the passwords for these persons, but that has not resolved the issue. I'm guessing there is something else beyond overwriting the password that occurs during a password reset, which the code accomplishes?

Thank you for your reply.