XF 2.2 Check box option value = '', but return `1`


I have the checkboxrow with the option value = "":
                <xf:checkboxrow name="statuses" value="{$filters.statuses}" label="{{ phrase('lms_status') }}">
                    <xf:foreach loop="$statuses" value="$status">
                        <xf:option value="{$status.status_id}">{$status.title}</xf:option>
                    <xf:option value="">{{ phrase('none') }}</xf:option>
But show in HTML with value = 1
Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 09.08.51.png

Is this a bug, or am I wrong something? Thanks.
A value of 1 on the checkbox is the expected behaviour. It is the default value that is passed to the server if the checkbox is checked.

The value field on the checkbox row enables you to pass in the values that will automatically check the boxes; it doesn’t affect the value the checkbox holds.
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