Cheap domain's

I use Namecheap too. I moved to them from GoDaddy and I can say that the interface is 100 times better. Add to that the fact that you are not bombarded with useless ads to buy stuff that you do not need (when all you need say is to register a domain)... namecheap gets thumbs up from me.


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ugh, I hate GoDaddy's interface...worst evar! Someone had a little how-to on moving a domain from GoDaddy to namecheap...wish I could find it now.


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If you are looking for good support in addition to cheap prices, I would suggest Their support is very good.

Long story short, they helped me retrieve my domain name from a hacker. I read horror stories of similar hacked domains on Godaddy and other registrars who would not offer much help at all.


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As for the discussion of vs - namecheap wins by default.'s interface is a lil' confusing. Just a little bit. Some words are used differently at, so I guess that's where the confusion came from.


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I use Namecheap. I'm actually selling a few domains on XenFans from my namecheap account for cheap, and I believe so is Miko. I won't link cos it's spammy, but the threads are in the XenFans marketplace.