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Add-on Charge Users Upfront For Access, During The Initial Registration Process


Well-known member
Ability to charge for access to forum/site upfront during the registration process BEFORE guest becomes a member.

Right now, a person has to register as a free guest first then figure out how to upgrade their account. That works fine if you have a site with open forums and some premium upgraded forums. But what about if your whole site is premium and you want to charge for access upfront before entry?

I think this would be a popular addon for those people wanting to run a private paid membership forum.

Brett Peters

Well-known member
Thanks ragetek, That actually looks like it gives an option for premium or free accounts during registration :(
I am not ready just yet but I will be needing a pay only option for membership which would include revoking all membership rights when payment expires.


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That looks good but it's really just a splash page in between registration and you'll end up with a lot of dormant empty accounts when people don't pay. A better option would be to have everything all on the registration page with direct credit card authorization on that page. This wouldn't be user upgrading, it's more like charging a fee upfront for anyone to access the forum and become a member, so just one level of membership (and upgrades wouldn't be needed).


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why can`t we just have something like this interface, for this feature ?


How does the current implementation look like when you are charging members? I do not have this in use, so not sure how it is currently working when having "Premium Membership" ???