character problem in urls?


i am testing xenforo from demo site, i have a question with characters

i selected Romanize Titles in URLs is active.

but when i use this url:

özel-konu-test = oezel-konu-test (xenforo url)

but is must be = ozel-konu-test

how can i change (ö) character to (o) ?

and same problem with ğ and ç ?

Liam W

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You can't.

The utf8_romanize function of an included library converts ö to oe.

This is the correct latin conversion, I believe.

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i am sorry i forgot qoute icon, i found this information at xenforo support site. i fixed my post please check again. i just ask is it true or false. @Brogan


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For your specific requirements, you can do that or develop a custom add-on.

Be aware that you will need to re-edit the file after each upgrade, as it will be overwritten.