Not a bug  Changing Username/Login when registered through Facebook


Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd first of all say that XF looks awesome, I was about to purchase vB but a friend pointed me in this direction and I think I'm converted!

Anyway, I was eager when I signed up and seen the login with facebook option and decided to try it out. And now looking back at it, I wish my username wasn't my full name for privacy reason if I'm honest.

Can this be changed, is it a problem that I signed up with FB? I did a search but couldnt find much, but I can't find an option for me to change it myself or is it simply an Admin only job?

Just a little concerned as I could see this being a problem on my own future install.




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User names can only be changed by an administrator in the ACP.

You have the option of choosing a user name when you initially log in/sign up with Facebook.

You can try a demo here:

if you want your user name here on changed, please use the Contact Us form: Contact Us


Thanks Brogan,

Maybe it was just in my haste I missed the username when I clicked Sign up with Facebook.

Though I can't see the Sign up with Facebook on the demo? Maybe it is because I already have associated my FB with another XF account?

Thanks for the quick response.