XF 1.1 Changing MySQL DB name / user


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I've just migrated hosts. I exported the SQL from my XenForo MySQL database from my old host and have imported it into a new (empty) DB at my new host. The problem is the new DB has a different name and username than the old one. I also copied all the old forum files from the old host to their new host.

I think all I need to do to get things working is tell XenForo the new DB name and username/password. How would I do this?



Go to the directory where you uploaded XenForo, there's a library/ directory inside it. Within it a config.php file.
If there is no config.php, and just a config.php.default, then rename that one to config.php and set the values to the new db in there.

When you move files, make sure you included the internal_data/ and data/ directories as well. They hold internal data and data such as attachments, etc.

A potential issue you might run into with those two directories is that due to the move they've lost their permissions, apply chmod -R 777 on both of them. (read/write for all groups)

Something else to keep in mind when moving, is to keep an eye open for .htaccess files. Not all FTP clients list or see them, the "." in front of .htaccess implies it's a hidden system file. XenForo kinda needs these.

Best of luck with the move and editing config.php