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Is it possible to change language without xftoken? Eg: I have 2 languages - en + ru. And I have a custom switcher with link to the language which looks like:
so when I click on it my forum change its language. Everything works fine, however from time to time link just changes its address, so I need to change it aswell. Is it possible somehow to avoid it?
Or is there is another solution?

Thank you.
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Okay. I ve solved this issue. Its just a lil bit new for me. So if s1 interested:

We go to >
language_chooser - template

then we check how our chooser link look, in my example it was like this:

<a href="{xen:link 'misc/language', '', 'language_id={$language.language_id}', '_xfToken={$visitor.csrf_token_page}', 'redirect={$redirect}'}">{$language.title}</a>

and we change our switcher link to this one, so it will look like this:

<a href="{xen:link 'misc/language', '', 'language_id=3}', '_xfToken={$visitor.csrf_token_page}', 'redirect={$redirect}'}"><div id="tiger-language-col">Change language: Russian</div></a>

Enjoy ur new lang switch button :coffee:

Im sure that it was not that hard to help a lil with it, and Im sure few ppl were in this topic aswell.
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