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Hi there,

I am highly considering jumping ship from VB, I just recently was foolish enough to buy the 5 connect version without really reading about it (from 3.8). I wanted to provide members with blogs and photo galleries (and then found out too late, that what vb5 has is awful)....

I have been trying to get it to work right for a couple months now, and it is just too buggy, although there are things I do like.

In any event, the issue the one reason I didn't go back to 4. version is that 5 takes my indexed google links and forwards to seo links (site is quite a few years old).....

In any event I have a bunch of the ugly urls too from vb 5 (home/forum/forum/)..... now also.

So question, is there are way to maintain do the redirects as mentioned above? And does Xenforo have blogs, galleries etc....or perhaps a bridge to WP (with one login)?

Thanks in advance.


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There is no direct importer from vB5 so you would need to investigate an import path.
Depending on the vB5 URL structure, it may be possible to implement redirects.
I'm not familiar with it though so I can't say for definite how easy it would be.

Blogs, galleries and WP bridges would all be third party add-ons.
You can check them all out here: Resources