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I must be using the wrong terms because I can't find how to do this anywhere.

How can I change my main forum list page from www.myforum.com to www.myforum.com/forums/ and also redirect visitors landing on the root to that new url?

I don't want to move the forums to a sub-directory, only change the url of that main page in preparation for adding a static home page at the domain root later.

Thank you.
Will this also add the /forums/ prefix to all other pages.. so I'll end up with /forums/forums/news... or /forums/categories/... etc?

I have seen forums using the forum list url /forums/ like I want to achieve but all other pages still appearing to be as if installed in the root.

Entering www.myforum.com/forums/ at the moment seems to redirect to / so would it be possible to force that to not rewrite in .htaccess to achieve this, or is that going to upset everything else?
Unless you can tell me why this is a very bad idea this does seem to work.

Index Page Route: forums/forums/

Add this to .htaccess above the Xenforo rules: RewriteRule ^$ /forums/ [R=301,L]
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