Changing directory name after installation


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Let's say I want to use a temporary directory name /forum_xen so I can do design/import on that directory while keeping the old forum on /forum. After design and import on /forum_xen is finished, I rename /forum to /forum_old and /forum_xen to /forum.

The problem is, I just tried that last part and my XF shows a blank page. So what else needs to be done when changing the name of a working XF directory?


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All you need to do is move the files and update the Board URL in the ACP (mainly for email and PayPal callback reasons).

You may need to restart your server and/or clear cache after moving the files.


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It's the same directory, I just rename it, so no files are moved. After renaming it just shows a blank page on the new URL?

I'll try restarting the server and clearing cache.

Edit: restarting httpd solved it, thanks Brogan.