XF 1.1 Changing Css of certain Sidebar features

Brendon Meynell

Active member
Hey all,
I am attempting to change the CSS of forum_stats, and members online in the sidebar. I have two different css styles that I want to use for example forum_stats I want to use style1, for the members online I have style2.

I have found the relevent blocks in forum_list which lists them as:
block: forum_stats


I have the widget framework installed (just incase anyone cared) but the point is that I change the div class to style1 or style2 and they don't change on the front page to my site.

I have managed to get the visitor sidebar panel to change, and the share page to change to what I want but at the moment no matter what I try with these two they wont change.

Can anyone provide any support as to how I can hopefully get this rectified.

The aim for my sidebar is it has four widgets (visitor panel, forum stats, users online, share this page) and they alternate with the style eg: visitor panel (style1) forum stats (style2), users online (Style1) share this page (style2).

As mentioned I have managed to do visitor panel and share this page but the stats and usersonline doesn't seem to want to budge.